Is it a coincidence they look alike ?

I think not !

& you know what they say about coincidence, the universe is rarely so lazy    

Definitely not a coincidence. What I love about the episode and about their characters in general is that they are mirrors of one another—one happens to be female, one happens to be male. One happens to work in emotions and feelings, one happens to work in solid fact. They are each other, but subverted just slightly.

With Lara and Benedict looking a bit alike, it further proves that they’re mirrors of one another. They both have the dark brown hair, it’s up and slightly curled, they’ve got the pale skin, and they both have pretty fantastic cheekbones. In another film, perhaps, they could play brother and sister. So having them play opposite one another, both as enemies and as potential romantic partners in A Scandal in Belgravia, is interesting on two levels. It’s interesting A) Because they are so alike, and they are really each going up against themselves (with slight differences), and B) they do end up developing feelings for each other (Irene romantic, Sherlock possibly romantic though more likely a very very deep respect—which, considering he’s Sherlock, is as close to romance as he’ll get) almost because they’re so alike. They’re very narcissistic people.


for lyrangalia and adleration.
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for lyrangalia and adleration.

uncropped, no textures, and only a curves layer. feel free to edit further!

Sherlock AU - Risky Business (inspired by x)

A visit from an annoyed Irene who doubts and worries about Sherlock’s ability to keep himself safe.

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The Cost of Mistakes


"Is that what you think?" Jim asks, amused, like they’re sharing in some sort of little joke. He doesn’t give any sort of hint as to which part of it he takes issue with; the bit about her having done her job well, or her incorrect assumption that she is free to go. When Irene is free to go she will know it with absolute certainty, and when Jim makes the decision that he is through with this conversation. Not a moment before.

Jim considers for a moment as he watches her, what it will take to make her reconsider her current position on the issue. A woman like Miss Adler can be difficult to gauge, and past results are no guarantee of future ones. Trying to control her is like attempting to hack a computer system while the password is constantly changing, with the additional risk of data being deleted should you fail. Jim does love a challenge, but he also loves getting what he wants without having to put in more trouble than it is worth.

What he needs to determine now is whether she will respond better to threats or further incentives. Jim could always offer to pay her more, but he runs the risk of being taken advantage of. The woman is sly, and while they may share something twisted and broken, they both know that she would throw him over and make off with whatever she deems most valuable without looking back. He gets the impression that what she would really like would be to be made a real equal - a partner rather than an employee - but Jim does not trust her enough to share so much of himself. 

"What are you looking for here, Miss Adler?" Another sip of tea, and one corner of his mouth quirks up in a knowing smile as she mimics his action. A common tactic, and an obvious one. "To simply save your skin? Or to see if you can coax just a bit more out of me? If you’re sweet to me, I might be willing to offer you something else for your trouble.”

Ooo, Irene hadn’t even been thinking of getting more bang for her buck, so to speak. Jim suggesting that she wanted more made her actually want more, considering it wasn’t a path she had even given thought to; when she had walked in her originally, she had been focused purely on giving him the information, packaged up as if it was more than what it was, and then leaving with minimal damage done. But if she could end up getting more out of this…

Perhaps she was treading on ice that was much to thin to be thinking of getting grander things for her work, especially considering that was all the information that could be garnered from that man concerning, but Irene Adler was nothing if not ambitious. Was he offering to give her more if she was sweet to him? It sounded like he was. And depending on his definition of sweet, Irene might certainly be interested.

"Oh?" she said with an air of surprise, raising an eyebrow at him. She couldn’t help it; a softer smirk began to curl her features. "That depends on your definition of sweet, darling,” she said, taking another sip of her tea. “I would not mind more of an incentive—a girl’s got to eat, after all. But it depends on how much more you’d be asking of me.”

This could either work in her favor or backfire horribly. The path ahead was still too cluttered, however, for her to see the outcomes clearly. “I was merely looking for you to make do with the information I was able to gather. It is, after all, good information.” Huge lie.

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Lara Pulver in “Fleming” Episode 1 (x)


Lara Pulver in ‘Fleming” Episode 1 (x)